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The patented ADAPTO™ platform is a unique set of interchangeable parts, extending the use case and longevity of your product.

Upgrade individual parts, or change between different combinations all fitting into the same patented ergonomically geometry for the ultimate in-ear audio experience

Fixed geometry

The concept is based on a patented fixed geometry, that makes it easy for the user to go from a generic/universal in-ear product to a personal customized in-ear product.

The tech-units are manufactured by Adapto Global partners like Logitech, N-ear, Inc., Titan Communications Systems, Atlantic Signal etc.

The OTC in-ear product consists of 2 parts: a universal fit housing + a tech-unit.

The customized in-ear product consists of a customized unique fit housing (earmold) + a tech unit. The tech unit can be inserted into both the universal housing and the customized housing.

Perfect fit for any condition

The Adapto tech parterns use their knowledge to invent great tech units, while Adapto provides the interchangeable in-ear platform.

Whether the customer prefers the universal fit housing or wants a customized unique fit, the Adapto platform makes it easy access both solutions.

The different tech-units can easily be inserted into both the universal and the customzed housing.

Custom Adapto mold

Switch easily between tech-units from top level manufacturers/brands

  • Hearing Protection for Industry, Music etc.
  • Active Hearing Protection for Military, Law enforcements, Hunting and more.
  • Active Hearing Protection with communication for Military, Law enforcements etc.
  • Wearables (Wireless BT technology).
  • High-end in-ear monitors.

From generic to custom

When you want to convert to customized earpieces, Adapto has a network of “Scanners”, which is people who are certified to do 3D ear scans by Adapto Global.

Tech-units fits both the universal and the customized housing.

Step by step this is how it works

  1. You set up an appointment with one of the “Scanners” and they’ll use the Adapto Scanning App (iPhone) to do the ear scans. It takes around 1 min per ear.
  2. The digital scan will be processed and manufactured, and the customized housings (earmolds) will be sent to the customer.
  3. When the customer has received the customized housings, they can click the tech unit out of the universal housing and click it into the customized housing.
  4. And they can now switch from one tech-unit to another from the Adapto program, all within the same customized housing.



Easy access to customized in-ear products.

Customers can have the opportunity to try out the product (normally you can’t try a customized in-ear product until it’s manufactured).

The customized housing is manufactured in soft silicone to enhance the fit and comfort (normally customized in-ear products is made in hard acrylic).

Faster feedback loops with test environments in the development phase, you can test different tech units with one customized mold.

Online purchases.


The end-user can – eg. via the tech manufactures sales channels - go and get 3D scanned on location. It could be distributors, retail chains etc.

The scanning process is done via an iPhone with an Adapto 3D scanning app (iPhone X, 11 and 12).

We have certified the scanning process for shooting protection, so there are NO leakage. All hearing protection products will be certified for both the US and the EU markets.

The 3D ear scan is pushed to an Adapto cloud and manufactured via an Adapto subcontractor.


It’s possibility to sell tech units to customers from other sales verticals (eg. customer has bought hearing protection from Live Nation and now buys a in-ear monitor tech unit from Ultimate Ears).

Access to hard-to-reach customer segments (eg military and law enforcement) by manufacturing OEM tech units for N-ear, Atlantic Signal etc.

Customers from the other Adapto verticals can be referred to other Adapto partners to get their ear scans => increased activity => increased brand awareness among customers, cf. future purchases of eg hearing aids.