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Reinventing audio solutions for critical communication and pro-audio


Adapto Click is a neutral platform that enables the path between consumer and custom. It is a unique solution, where the same tech-unit can be use in OTC-products along with customized in-ear products.


Adapto Scan provides an advanced 3D scanning technology and a digital infrastructure which makes custom-fit products easy to access. The smartphone scanning app aims at quality in user experience. It provides a network of trained scanners, and digital infrastructure where manufacturers and dealers can order/process 3D scans and custom-fit products.

Adapto Scan will be launced in April 2023.


Adapto Test is an online leakage test for the end-user. It will make sure that custom-fit products from Adapto Scan meet their requirements.

Adapto Test will be launched in 2024.

Adapto X

Adapto X is a development unit with engineers and entrepreneurs who build and launch solutions and products that aim to improve audio experiences. We approach projects unite quality in sound and performancewith the speed and ambition of a startup.

Adapto Click is an interchangeable
in-ear platform

Th neutral platform enables the path enables the path between consumer and custom.

The concept is based on a patented fixed geometry which makes it easy for the user to go from a generic in-ear product to a personal customized in-ear product.

The modular audio system is the first set of interchangable parts, which extends the use cases and longevity of an in-ear audio product.

By using the Adapto Click platform, tech-partners can upgrade individual parts or change between different combinations. All the parts fit into the same patented ergonomical geometry.

Tech-partners can use their knowledge to invent great tech units, while Adapto click provides the interchangeable in-ear platform.

In 2023 the tech-units will be manufactured by tech-partner N-ear, Inc.



Easy access to customized in-ear products.

The customized product is manufactured in a medically approved soft TPE material which enhances the fit and comfort.


Customers have the opportunity to tryout the product - (normally customers cannot try a customized in-ear product until it’s manufactured).

Easy acces to ear impressions via the Adapto Scan app.


Faster feedback loops with test environments in the development phase, as you can test different tech units with one customized mold.

A possibility to sell tech units to customers from other tech-partners (eg. customer who bought hearing protection from N-ear, Inc. can buy an in-ear monitor (tech unit) from another tech-partner).

As a partner of the Adapto Click platform you

  • are connected to our consumer-sales-platform,

  • get acces to the patented fixed geometry

  • get acces to the Adapto Scan app.